L’Hostellerie des Ducs, a family story…

When Jeanne and Marcel Blanchet chose to have a holiday home in Villeneuve sur Lot it was quite simply because they, the bakers from Château Thierry, had a son Jean François who was a very young cook. What Jeanne and Marcel wanted was to leave the north of France, find a building and set up a hotel restaurant there.

The origins of the Hostellerie des Ducs

The story of Hostellerie des Ducs begins with a chance meeting with the Blancheton family, emblematic winegrowers of the Côtes de Duras region, and Mayor Lucien Chollet. In 1979, Jeanne and Marcel Blanchet, Parisian bakers and pastry chefs, acquired the former abandoned convent of Duras dating from 1866, with the ambition of transforming it into a family hotel-restaurant.

The beginnings and developments of the Hostellerie des Ducs

July 20, 1980 marked the official opening of the Hostellerie des Ducs, with the unfailing commitment of Jeanne, Marcel, their son François and his wife Marie Christine. Thanks to their hard work and determination, the establishment has evolved over the years to become a benchmark for hospitality in the region. In 1982, the arrival of Vincent, the son of Marie Christine and Jean François, strengthened the team and enriched the culinary experience of the Hostellerie.

Family continuity and innovation

Despite obstacles, notably the premature death of Jeanne Blanchet in October 1993, the Blanchet family persevered and made the Hostellerie des Ducs prosper. In 2005, the arrival of Hugo, Stéphanie and Vincent's son, represented a new generation of commitment and innovation. Today, three generations of the Blanchet family are dedicated to providing an exceptional gastronomic experience and a warm welcome to their customers, continuing the family legacy with passion and dedication.

Note that the three generations of the Blanchet family have been recognized by their peers as part of the “Disciples of Auguste Escoffier”